Nicole Monturo

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nicole monturo georgiaNicole Monturo is an accomplished management expert based in Atlanta who enjoys living a positive, healthy lifestyle.

A food-lover, Nicole Monturo is passionate about embracing good habits that can create a better tomorrow.

Living a healthy life and pursuing fitness means being active consistently to gain or maintain good cardiovascular health, flexibility, and strong muscles. Being healthy offers a wide variety of benefits, making it a priority for millions of Americans.

Eating well and engaging in physical activity burns calories, which in turn helps shed unwanted extra pounds or maintain a healthy weight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of exercise each week to maintain your weight. Adding lean muscle to your body also helps boost your metabolism to burn more calories. Exercising also cuts deeply into a number of disease risk factors. Foremost among the conditions it helps prevent are diseases plaguing the American public, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes.

Nicole Monturo believes in the value of a fit lifestyle for more than just the immediately obvious positive results. Beyond just the physical, staying fit also boosts brain health. Exercise and a proper diet have been proven to improve memory and learning. The boost of endorphins that exercising releases is also fantastic for reducing the risk of depression.

Nicole has grown to truly appreciate the importance of taking care of your body so that it can take care of you. More than any vapid or superficial aesthetic goal, working out and being fit creates huge improvements in your quality of life over the long term.

Nicole Monturo knows that health isn’t just about exercise.

As much as she enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle, Nicole knows that health is so much more than just the physical activities in which you participate. You can run, walk, bike, and swim all that you want, but at the end of the day, if you’re what you’re putting into your body isn’t giving it the nutrients and strength that it needs, your overall health will fail.

Growing up, food didn’t play a huge role in Nicole’s life. It was more or less a means to an end, so the health benefits and concerns posed by various foods were never much of a concern for her. However, once she started cooking with fresh, natural ingredients, her whole outlook changed.

Nicole now combines her drive for exercise with her love for food and cooking to help create a more holistic and healthy self. She sees taking care of her health now as less of an obligation and more of a lifestyle choice that she’s made in her commitment to a better life. While she’s a huge believer in making wholesome foods that will nourish her family, she’s not one to sacrifice taste or quality. As much of a baker as she is a cook, Nicole lives by the phrase, “everything in moderation.” She knows that it’s alright for her kids and herself to eat cookies or sweets every once in a while, and her commitment to only using fresh, wholesome ingredients means that the desserts she makes for her family will always be healthier than the packaged goodies you find in a store.

Nicole Monturo’s Professional Life

When she’s not busy baking up a storm, whipping up an amazing meal, or enjoying living a healthy and active lifestyle, Nicole is an experienced leader who is particularly adept helping other leaders maximize their efforts and actualize their potential by effectively communicating, delegating, and organizing their efforts. She has a knack for identifying leadership qualities within her team and loves working with others to help them foster their potential as leaders.

Above all, Nicole Monturo hates stagnation. She knows how easily people can get stuck in a productivity rut, held back from progress by a “that’s how it’s always been done” mentality, so she makes sure to always be looking for ways to incorporate fresh ideas and perspectives into her overall strategy and game plan. For more on Nicole’s professional ideologies, visit her leadership website!

When not working, moving, or cooking, Nicole enjoys all things ‘80s.